Fiona Kong is on a mission to help children of divorced families cope with the separation of homes with her newly released Home Sweet Homes Journal. Designed for kids four and up, it provides comfort and stability during a difficult time by serving as a safe space children can work with both parents on their needs as they go back and forth between homes.

The innovative idea gives children a personal platform to express thoughts and emotions, and easily track their transition schedule, events, milestones and more. The journal travels with the child from home to home, making it a mental and emotional anchor they can use to help with the transition from one house to the other.

Fiona developed the first-of-its-kind journal following her separation from her son’s father saying “parental separation can be very traumatic for kids where they may blame themselves, experience immense grief, or feel confused, scared or angry about what is happening”.  She went on to say, “Maintaining a strong and healthy connection to parents plays an important role in a child’s mental and emotional wellbeing. The journal serves as a bridge between homes for co-parented kids; it gives them a way to still feel like a family while providing reassurance they are safe, secure, and loved.”

The interactive daily journal contains fun activities for children to fill out, resilience building affirmations, and monthly calendars so children have access to their schedule no matter where they are. Each day contains open journaling space for kids to reflect on their day, process feelings and communicate ideas on their own or with the help of a parent. Overall, it provides a neutral place for the family to stay connected and actionably manage information between households.

The book has received praise from co-parents, therapists and coaches. Brandyn Roark Caires, LCPC, owner of Mind Matters BRC, Co-founder of Parent Team, mediator, and Accredited Collaborative Divorce Practitioner, Co-Parenting Coach is a Clinical Mental Health Therapist who specializes in working with children, teens, and families with two-home structures — assessed the journal and shared her thoughts.

“Children with two homes have to navigate more complexity in their lives. It’s important that their parents absorb as much of this complexity as possible, so kids aren’t left in the middle, don’t have to manage adult challenges, and just “get to be kids”. The Home Sweet Homes Journal and Planner helps to open a safe, neutral space for children to explore and process their two-home experiences. This journal also provides a child-focused opportunity for co-parents to connect on their children’s needs, keep their children out of the middle of conflict, and keep the focus on what their kids need. This beautifully bound journal is a thoughtful, organized, joyful, place for two-home families to navigate transitions, emotions, experiences, and memories together.” 

In addition to Brandyn’s positive comments, parenting coaches, divorce professionals and co-parents have left their thoughts in comments on Amazon and the Home Sweet Homes website. You can find the journal on Amazon or purchase it directly from Fiona’s website, Home Sweet Homes. In addition, the site includes how-to videos, use case examples, and a way to give back to the community of co-parents. 

Positively impacting future generations by helping children of divorce grow up to be emotionally healthy adults is especially important to Fiona. For that reason, she wants to help every co-parenting family have access to this tool and set up the Pay it Forward Program page for others who feel the same and want to donate a book to a family in need.

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