A Look Into the Life of High-Profile Divorce Lawyer David Glass, J D, PhD

You may recognize him as a frequent legal commentator interpreting everything from A-list celebrity divorces to complex court battles on “Good Morning America,” “Good Day LA” and on Fox Network. But David Glass is more than a popular media personality.

Experience and Expertise: A Unique Combination

Personable, sharp and quick-witted, David Glass spends his days in his sprawling West Los Angeles Law office that overlooks a buzzing Wilshire Boulevard. He is not just educated as a divorce attorney; he has experienced handling a divorce of his own from his first marriage. “My ex-wife and I were running what you might describe as a good business-like relationship,” he said, “so when we finally agreed to divorce, I wrote up the paperwork, but advised her to retain an attorney so she felt comfortable with the terms.”

The couple maintained an amicable 50/50 co-parenting arrangement and he stayed in the house until it sold. “We never really argued about anything,” he said, “we had a schedule that we stuck to strictly for about a year. And then we both realized we were going to be good about exchanging time as needed. We both proved to be very good parents.”

Glass realized soon thereafter that even as a divorce lawyer and psychologist, there were personal issues he needed to work through. He began to see a therapist to determine what may have gone wrong in his marriage. He worked during the day, and when he didn’t have his daughters, he came home to an empty house. His training in psychology kicked in and he realized he needed to be with his core group of friends. “I’m going to need to do something with each of you on Wednesdays and Thursdays and on alternating weekends,” he announced. Without hesitation, they all stepped up. His clever strategy got him through that difficult first year.

It is this approach that has led Glass to help his family law clients learn how to become better problem solvers. He directs them to the resources and professionals who are vital to not just finalizing their marriage dissolution, but to work on healing emotionally and find a course toward financial stability. When he works with women who may not have managed their money, and who may not have a clue about where their assets are, he connects them to the appropriate financial advisor for their needs. “I’m not just working with people on spousal support and childcare, which any divorce lawyer can do,” he said, “I try to look beyond that and help them fix their lives the way I feel like I was able to fix mine.”

From Psychology to Family Law: A Remarkable Journey

It’s been an interesting career path that has led him from his early years in Philadelphia to his role of managing partner at EPG Lawyers. As the son of a clinical psychologist and a physician, family law wasn’t Glass’ first career choice. He initially tried to follow in his father’s footsteps but during his first job as an orderly, he realized he couldn’t stomach blood and the sound of surgical drills. Leaning toward his mom’s field, he chose psychology as his college major. He studied under a professor who advised him to have his subspecialty chosen prior to entering graduate school, which helped Glass narrow his professional focus.

After college, Glass contemplated a future as a forensic psychologist and enrolled in a five-year dual degree program that enabled him to simultaneously earn a law degree and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Though he was one of the only two people admitted into the program that year, he could not have imagined that by 2023 he would be one of the most recognized names in family law across the United States with offices in Vegas, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

While in the program, Glass had a variety of jobs and apprenticeships which included an internship at an addiction treatment clinic, and summer work at a family law firm in Philadelphia, a position he particularly enjoyed. One of the partners at the latter assured Glass, “I know you are going to be a psychologist but if you ever change your mind give me a call — you’ll have a job here.” Glass returned to New York to finish his psychology internship but soon realized he could do a much better job as a family law attorney. He called the law partner who had previously guaranteed him that position and was promptly asked, “how soon can you be here?”

Glass practiced on the East Coast for several years until he spent a Thanksgiving holiday in sunny Southern California. He thought that a life on the West Coast would be more enjoyable, and Glass launched his own law firm not long after the move.

It was after his own divorce when Glass recognized that not many resources were available to help guide him through the process. However, he solved that problem for his clients, as well as others, hoping to build a new life after divorce by writing and publishing “Moving On,” a book to equip readers to learn to move forward.

Now happily remarried, to the woman he calls his ‘soul mate’, Glass is a husband and devoted dad to his two sons aged 2 and 6, and maintains a close connection to his two daughters, now 21 and 23 years old. His wife, Carol, is the co-owner of the iconic Joan’s on Third marketplace and catering company. But once the workday concludes, the couple have learned to clock out of their professional mindset and focus on the family. “I really separate work and home with a very strict line that I try not to cross,” Glass said. “My wife and I make it a point to spend at least an hour just talking after the kids go to bed every night.”

A Philanthropic Commitment: Supporting the California Southland Alzheimer’s Association

In addition to his responsibilities at home and his work as a lawyer, Glass has been board chair of the California Southland Alzheimer’s Association, a cause he feels moved to support. While in law school, his grandmother passed away from vascular dementia, so when there was an opportunity to become involved, Glass eagerly stepped up to participate. “It’s an incredible organization,” he said.

“They have a 24-hour hotline with operators who can communicate in 200 various languages. Caregivers can call at any time and say, ‘I’m having the worst day, what can I do?’ or ‘I need to find a respite care facility near me’ and the operator can refer callers to the right service.” The organization raises money to help fund research and support for patients and their families.

His philanthropic personality has helped him create an office environment in which staff as well as clients feel comfortable. There’s a friendly, upbeat vibe that reverberates throughout the space beginning with the receptionist and threading through to the lawyers and assistants in the office. “I don’t hang over the staff or micromanage, I’m just not that person,” Glass said. “But the people who work with me learn my style of doing things. I let them do their job, I trust them.”

Unparalleled Divorce Services: Effective Strategies and Emotional Management

At $950.00 an hour, Glass delegates work to capable lawyers in his firm whose hourly rate is less and steps in as needed. “When I moved to this firm nine years ago, Darren Enenstein, the managing partner at the time, told me ‘You can’t keep spending hours doing work that someone else could do’” Glass said. “Clients know we provide good service and try to keep the bill as low as possible,” he said. “We have 35 cases in the office that I supervise but the staff takes care of the details and operations.”

Glass’ clients are offered unrivaled law service. They are given an effective strategy to survive the storms associated with the divorce process. Individuals are equipped with useful services to organize their futures post-divorce and methods to help them manage emotionally when triggered. “If you change your thinking you’re going to change your emotions and change the way you feel,” Glass said.

As for his word of advice to those about to embark on a divorce journey?
“Prepare for a wild emotional ride the first year,” he said, “but you should expect a brighter future.” It certainly worked that way for me. I managed to find an amazing wife, and we have built a very happy life together. I’m truly beyond lucky.